RCT Builder Create Windows Schedulled Task and start it thru Scheduled Action

Hi, everyone,
is here anyone who have experience with this? When i plane to Create Windows Schedulled task and start it immediatelly, is it work, but when i want to start it like Scheduled Action, dialog say Complete but with 0 Success and on workstation nothing happend.
I look forward to your posts.

Hello there,

I hope all is well. When you have a moment can you please confirm what parameters you’re using?



i am using only TaskName, Executable, Arguments. When i am planning like Schedulled i must Fill New Task Name and Schedule Day and Time.
In the meantime i found that the planned Task are placed in Kiosk Manager-Kiosk Profiles-Scheduled Tasks but i don´t know what can i do with this. I can´t run this, delete this.
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Hi there,

Thank you for providing that information. When you have a moment can you please export the builder action that you’re utilizing and attach it here? This will enable us to conduct a more in-depth analysis of the situation at hand. :smile:


Hi, Destiny,
thanks for your help. Settings are exported and submitted at the link. https://datashare.spravazeleznic.cz/ad/index.php/s/BFiySCFrCZUjTQM
Best regards. Marek