RCT Builder - Custom Input List > Recast Powershell

How does the ‘Recast PowerShell’ option work on Custom Input Parameters in the RCT Builder?

As a simple test I’ve tried to insert PowerShell script that would return a value, but the value never shows up in the list. I’ve also tried specifying the Recast Server however this does not work as well.


We’ve actually removed this option in the newest version of Builder because of the issues associated with it. The latest 4.0 release has fixed a number of bugs and I’d recommend moving to that before using Builder. Note that there is an incompatibility between 3.2 and 4.0 with regards to Builder, so if you’re just getting started, it’s best to work in 4.0.

We have 3.2.6887.24316 install on our console, and 3.2.6886.42070 installed for the management server. Should we completely uninstall and reinstall to upgrade, or can we simply just upgrade?

Thanks for the help!

Also, is it safe to say Recast RCT Server was rebranded to Recast Management Server?

Correct, it’s also been rewritten as a web app allowing you to review the audit logs remotely.