RCT Builder help

Hi, I am pretty new to the Recast Tools, and I am looking at what we can do with the RCT Builder. Looking at the actions it seems like I can do many things like disable or suspend Bitlocker for example. However, I am having a hard time figuring out how to get this to work. Perhaps I am misunderstanding it complete, but when I run the suspend bitlocker action on the machine I am using it doesn’t do anything. Is there a document that thoroughly explains the RCT Builder, or does anyone have a guide they could point me to? I looked at the wiki, but the explanation for RCT Builder was pretty vague, and I am clueless really as to whether I can benefit from this. I think I can, but until I can get it to work I’m just not sure.



So yea, this is way too late to be helpful but totally agree our Builder documentation isn’t great.

Reach out to our sales team and they’ll happily set up a Builder-focused demo. Which basically means they’re going to force me to join (I’ve been working on Builder the last year). They’ll get your another trial to really give it a shot.

At a high-level though: all of our tools (Community and Enterprise) are a front-end for a list of over 400 functions that actually do the real work on the back-end. Builder attempts to be a GUI for all of that allowing you to easily connect different actions to create, in effect, your own Right Click Tools. In 3.2 it was way too difficult to connect actions but we’ve made that much much easier in 4.0 and have further improvement planned.