RCT Builder Powershell Variables Parameter

is there someone who knows, how I can create an input task and set the input as registry parameter?

reg add “\COMPUTERNAME\HKLM\Software\RA” /v “FI-Number” /t REG_SZ /d 12345678 /f
reg add “\COMPUTERNAME\HKLM\Software\RA” /v “Cost-Center” /t REG_SZ /d 1232456 /f
reg add “\$env:COMPUTERNAME\HKLM\Software\RA” /v “WarrantyStartDate” /t REG_SZ /d 25.05.2021 /f

I want to do the settings with “Custom Input Parameters”
12345678 = $env:FI_Number
123456 = $env:Cost_Center
25.05.2021 = $env:Date

@Orodreth: Builder’s PoSH handling will load any defined parameters in the script and then allow you to map them in ‘Input Parameters’. So you want to change your script to have a Param() block at the very top. I forget if you need to specify the parameter type (ex. String) so that Builder can match up the right types but if you have issues try both ways.

Hi Bryan,
thank you of answer. But I have try it without variables and it wasn´t running.
I try another way, but he can´t find subkeys in the registry.