RCT Builder -- staggered restart on a collection

We’re just learning RCT Builder, but we’re trying to implement what should be a very simple task–we have about 4000 VDIs that we need to restart on a schedule. It’s not based on any criteria, other than the device exists. We have VDIs with uptimes exceeding 90 days, which causes issues with SCCM pushing Windows/3rd party updates many times (thanks Microsoft). So we’re hoping to create an RCT tool to restart our VDI infrastructure every X days. The kicker–we need to not demolish our VM hosts by rebooting all 4000 VDIs simultaneously. If we can stagger (similar to orchestration) the restarts in groups of 100, we can likely get what we need done over a weekend. I have been searching far and wide, but the closest I can find is to initiate a workstation restart based on pending restart. We’re looking to restart based on a device being pingable.

Hi there,

Hope all is well! There’s not a great way to stagger the actions without creating multiple collections currently. You can create multiple collections, set the builder action to only run if the device is pingable, and schedule the action to run against each collection at varying times. You would just want to find a way to make the collections dynamic so that they have everything in them.

If you’re interested, you can also submit a feature request to add a stagger option for running builder actions against a collection.

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