RCT Builder templates

Hey folks!

I asked this over on Reddit and was directed here. We just upgraded to Enterprise RCT and I my question about an “open folder” RCT answered (on Reddit). But I’m also trying to create a “Retire” RCT that, when an application is highlighted, it creates 3 new lines at the top of the Administrator Comments with name/date/revision number, and then pops up a textbox for “Reason for retiring”. After that it should be designed to retire the application and move it into our Retired folder. I’ll upload where I got so far but does anyone know if I’m even headed in the right direction?

Also, I see the available templates from Recast (there are like 5 of em) and I’ve watched a few Youtube videos of some RCTs being made, but does anyone know if there’s a custom RCT repository out there or more examples? Or do I just ask in here whenever there’s an RCT I want to create but don’t know how to design it?

Yea, I think you’re on the right path. We don’t have a lot of (any?) actions for modifying/moving application objects since our primary focus tends to be devices/users and the ConfigMgr cmdlets have us handily beat on that front. Which means that your Builder action is going to boil down to calling a PowerShell script. Which is a perfectly valid use case to be sure.

High level, what you’ll want to do is create a custom input string on the start node for the reason. Then create a PoSH script that has parameters to take in an App Id/App Name and a reason string. Builder’s PowerShell action should surface those parameters under ‘Input Parameters’ and you can map them to the start node as needed. You’ll probably also need to hardcode the ComputerName to a machine that has the console installed (assuming you are going to use the cmdlets).