RCT Builder variables

Hi there, we have recently purchased the Enterprise desktop tools, but I had a question about the RCT Builder. For example, if I want to Get a LAPS Password for a workstation, I add the Get LAPS action - Use the Name Graph Input and it shows the password. How would I leverage that value in another Action after the Get LAPS one. Lets say that I wanted to save it to a file, how would I access the LAPS value?


We’re still working through the older tools to make them fully compatible with RCT Builder. If you update to 3.1 (the same URLs from your enterprise email should now point to 3.1), you should have Title and SubText output parameters for the older actions that haven’t been updated yet. Note that if you do update your Recast Server to 3.1, it’s best if you uninstall the current version, reboot, and install the 3.1 version.


Thanks Chris. I updated today and see the new features.