RCT Community 4.7 Permissions issue

Just installed the 4.7 release from my portal, and now when I try and rerun a deployment i’m getting “Insufficient Permission to run Deployment Launcher” Has anyone else come across this, and is there a solution available? I have re-installed the RCT 4.7 and the issue persists. I have tried running the MECM console as both my standard user and admin just to see if it would make a difference. No Luck.

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I am having the same issue as well since updating to 4.7

We have the same Issue. A Upgrade to the current Version (4.7.2106.1601) doesn’t Help. We already had the Problem with 4.6.

We are seeing this also for those who weren’t the installer.
Any help would be great.
Community Version 4.7

A newer version 4.7.2106.3502 has been released that should fix that issue. It can be downloaded here: https://portal.recastsoftware.com/

This update fixed everything for me. Thank you for letting me know about it!

Having this same issue with 4.7.2107.2301. At first, options were greyed out, did a repair, and reboot. options no longer greyed out but permissions issue. Now back to greyed out. only the latest license file in program data. Not sure where to look from here. thx

Hi Jeff! Hope all is well. Are you using Recast Management Server or the Standalone application?


I just found we have the same issue with the 4.8.2109 release when trying to rerun a deployment on the collection used for a package.
I’ve upgraded the application to 4.8.2110 but I still can’t do it.

Is this function not working anymore on the Community version?
I’ve also saw that since RCT 4.7, there’s not RCT menu anymore on packages, only applications.