RCT Community version install issue

I have installed the RCT Community extension version 5.4.2403 on our MECM server (version 5.2309), but I cannot find RCT anywhere in the MECM console. We installed a previous version of the RCT Community console extension via the Community Hub feature in MECM (that is now deprecated by Microsoft), but I uninstalled it as it had started showing a login prompt that could not be got rid of. Does anyone know how I activate or use RCT Community 5.4.2403 in the latest version of MECM?


Have you allowed 3rd party plugins?

if not, navigate to “administration”, the “site configuration”, click "sites and choose your primary site. at the top ribbon you will see “Hierarchy Settings” Make sure “Only allow console extensions that are approved for hierarchy” is unchecked.

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Hi Andy, that has solved my issue, many thanks for your help!

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