RCT - Cross Domains

Hi guys

I was wondering if there is a way to get the free RCT to work in cross domain environment. There is trust between the 2 domains and everything is working fine but when I run RCT on a computer from the 2nd domain I get this error.


I think it’s happening because it just uses the host name without the FQDN, and off course it can’t resolve it so RCT assumes it’s offline.

What would be your suggestion to work around this or are you considering to get it working within cross domain environments in the near future?


You can setup Recast to use FQDNs in Configure Recast RCT.

If DNS is an issue, you could also try setting the Use IP Address setting with the Verify Computer Name in WMI option. This will use ConfigMgr inventory to determine the IP address and will verify via WMI that the computer name you connect to is the one you intend to run the action on.

Thanks @chrism for this quick response, I know that RCT 2.0 isn’t supported anymore and I am planning to upgrade, but I was wondering if you can help me out to find this config on version 2.0 since I can’t find it.


I don’t know if that setting was available in 2.0. I forget when exactly it was added, but I feel like it was after 2.0.

Fair enough mate, just last question. Do you think I can just install latest version on top of version 2.0 and will it upgrade fine? Or do I have to uninstall the old version then install the new one?


We’ve tried to keep upgrade compatibility, but to be honest we’ve never tested going from 2.0 to a more recent version. It might be best to uninstall and reinstall.

Thanks mate, I will give it a shot and will see how it will go. Thanks for your help.