RCT Enterprise with Server - Installation Information Missing on SCCM console view

After installing 4.0 enterprise and getting the SQL and management server configured, the Recast Software page in the SCCM console is missing some information. Desktop Installed Version (4.0.7230.35377) and Remote Server Status (“Connected”) are populated. Server Installed Version, Enterprise License, and License Expiration Date are blank. We thought that maybe that information would fill in over time, but after a couple of hours it hasn’t. Also, some of the enterprise tools (Redistribute Content, for example) are resulting in an error.
If there’s a console to server connection log, I’d be interested in hearing where that might be. Or if there’s a troubleshooting path for 4.0?
Thank you in advance.

Troy, have you configured permissions for your users in the Recast Management Server? That’s the most likely cause for what you’re describing. After creating the user/group don’t forget to edit them to assign both a role and a scope.

The other possibility is that the certificate you used (or generated) for your server isn’t trusted by the clients. They should get prompted in that scenario by our tools but if permissions isn’t the problem I’d add the server cert into Trusted Root Certificate Authorities, restart the console, and see what happens.

Thanks for the reply. I should have updated the post, but the information eventually showed up. Probably after using some of the tools?