RCT installation fails


I have issues installing the RCT via Community hub. The Error message is: Download Failed. the content hast been changed by the third-party provider. Please contact the third-party provider for more information.

That’s what I’m doing right now :slight_smile:

there was an old MSI version installed on the server which I uninstalled completely before installing the community hub Version.

the only extension visible in “Console Extension” is WebView2 extension (so no traces from old RCT installations).

other extensions install without any issues.

any help is appreciated,

Hi James,

Hope all is well! When you have a second, can you run the following query against your primary DB and let us know if you’re able to download Right Click Tools from the Community Hub after? This will purge Right Click Tools records by GUID from your DB.

delete from ConsoleExtensionMetadata where ID = ‘99429045-5ED9-42F0-992B-D73F628E6131’
delete from ConsoleExtensionFile where ExtensionId = ‘99429045-5ED9-42F0-992B-D73F628E6131’



Hi Branden

Thank you for your input!
It returns (0 rows affected) two times and the installation is still not possible.

I ran the query successfully in my testlab where rct were already installed. (1row and 86rows affeced).

Best James

I wasn’t aware that there is still an MSI installer so I ended up using this. Everything’s fine - thanks!

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Happy to hear! Take care.

I have this same issue, but both queries return zero results. What else can be done to use the Community Hub extension?

Can you confirm if this is happening in a production environment? Are you able to install using the MSI available from https://portal.recastsoftware.com by chance?

Yes, it’s a production environment. The MSI is what we use on workstations with the console now, but I’m trying to transition to the Community Hub add-in and making it forced. The site server itself does not have the MSI installed.

Thank you for confirming. When you have a second, can you please enable verbose logging, attempt to install the most recent version of Right Click Tools from the community hub, and then send over the C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Configuration Manager\AdminConsole\AdminUILog\SmsAdminUI.log?

Steps to enable verbose logging:

  1. Open the console configuration file, Microsoft.ConfigurationManagement.exe.config, in an XML editor like Notepad. The default configuration file is in the following location: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Endpoint Manager\AdminConsole\bin\Microsoft.ConfigurationManagement.exe.config
  2. Under the system.diagnostics > sources > source element, change the switchValue attribute from Error to Verbose. For example:Original: <source name="SmsAdminUISnapIn" switchValue="Error"> New: <source name="SmsAdminUISnapIn" switchValue="Verbose" >
  3. Save the file, and restart the console.

How would you like me to share the log file? Can I email you a OneDrive link?

Please zip the log file and send it to support@recastsoftware.com.

Okay, it has been sent. :slight_smile:

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