RCT Schedule Restart Task doesn't work!

Does anyone know the reason why a schedule restart task says it has been completed but doesn’t show up in Task Scheduler?

SCCM Version 1806
SCCM Console 5.1806.1074.1500
RCT Version 3.0.6477


Could you try updating to the 3.2 release and check to see if you still have the issue? https://recastsoftware.com/#community


Did do shortly after logging the ticket, this doesn’t fix the issue. Again running the task to schedule a restart and says its completed but doesn’t put it in task scheduler.

Could you run the action again and send the logs from %AppData%\RecastRCT\Logs to info@recastsoftware.com?

same Problem here with newest version of RCT Comunity.
The scheduled task doesn´t shown in task sheduler


we uninstall the newest Version and install the Version 2.4.
Now we can set a scheduled restart