RCT v4.1.1912.33189 with SCCM 1910 without overview ribbon on "Assets and Compliance"

After installation of RCT the search ribbon on “Assets and Compliance” in SCCM console is missing.
Is there an update planned which will fix this problem?

Unfortunately, we think this a ConfigMgr console bug. We’ve submitted feedback via the “Send a frown” option and have spoken with the product team about it, but we haven’t heard about any immediate plans to fix it. I would recommend either using the “Send a frown” option in the console to describe the issue - the more people that give feedback on it, the more likely it is to be fixed.


The fact is that without RCT the console works perfectly. Only with RCT > v4.1 do we have the problems. The problem still shows up even with the latest version RCT 4.3.2007.3601 and latest console (5.2002.1083.2000). If you uninstall RCT on the same infrastructure with the error the ribbon will be displayed correctly again. Even with old versions of RCT everything works fine.
I have made a support request to Microsoft via suggested “Send a frown”, but they suspect the problem clearly on the RCT side after I described the situation.