Rebooting Collections in Order

Hello, I am learning RCT Builder and am trying to reboot 2 collections on after another. I want to be able to reboot Collection #1 then wait for all the failover devices to comeback online and finish patching then reboot Collection #2. Is something like this possible with this tool? I found a build template that seems to do this, but I’m not sure if it pings then reboots a collection as a whole or does each individual device in order. Any insight on this?


Thank you for contacting the Recast Support Team. I would be happy to assist with this issue. Which RCT Builder template are you trying to use?


Ola Olofinjana
Technical Support Engineer

So I did not find a template that really matched what I needed (Unless I am looking in the wrong location)

But the closest I could find was the [RebootIfPendingRestartExists.xml]

located on this page

RCT Builder Templates | Recast Docs (

From what I can read, it works for a single machine, but I would like to have it reboot a failover collection then once all the servers are back online, reboot the primary collection. I’m new to the tool and currnently using the trial version so maybe I’ve not setup for RCT builder properly or I have limitations from the trial.