Recast Agent Upgrade Failure


I have a bunch of agents that will not upgrade to the latest agent version. The version number in the registry is 4.5.2102.4502. If I look in Programs and Features It shows the same. When I use the “msiexec.exe /X{GUID} /qn” to try an uninstall that fails. I cannot install over the top of it. The only thing I can do is manually uninstall from Programs and Features. With 1900 clients at this version, that would be a tall task. Any guidance on how to get this to uninstall with a script?

Thanks in advance

Also, even after the manual uninstall I cannot install the updated version. It just keeps telling me there is a newer version installed. Which there is no version installed at the moment. So I’m guessing there is stale data out there somewhere in the file system or the registry that needs to be cleaned. Any assistance would be appreciated.

I have had this issue with other applications thinking there is a newer version installed (or any version for that matter) when no version is installed.
I removed a registry entry in:

Search for Recast here, you will probably find an entry. Expand and “SourceList” under the main Product key will show the ccmcache folder it thinks the install is in and the msi file name. I just delete the main key and install then works.

If you are worried about deleting keys, you can export it first to have a copy you can put back.

Hope this helps.

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I apologize I forgot to come back here and update for anyone else this might help.

I went to the affected clients, got the specific version number in question and then re-downloaded the installer package from the archives page. From there I built a package in SCCM with an uninstall string and this cleaned up all of the back packages. I was then able to install the newer version.