Recast Automation help

I am new to RCT Enterprise. I’m trying to create an automation that passes a computer name to a powershell script. The powershell script simply creates a ticket in our ticketing system with the computername from SCCM. The script works perfectly fine from the powershell prompt, however it does not work in RCT. To clarify, the tool responds that the automation was successful, however no ticket is created. I can post the script if necessary, but since the script works, I assume it’s something I’m overlooking in the builder itself.
The script takes one argument, ComputerName, which I have set as “parameter mapping” from the start node, and the parameter is Computer Name.
Directly below Input Parameters in the builder is another field Titled “Computer Name” which I also have mapped as Starting Node Computer Name.

What am I missing?


Thank you for contacting the Recast Software Support Team; I’d be happy to assist. Can you export the Builder action and email it to the ticket you have open with me so I can take a look at the action itself? Thank you!


Alex E.
Technical Support Engineer
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