Recast Enterprise where are commands run from


We’ve recently purchased recast enterprise and I’m having difficulty understanding where commands are run from. We have configured our Recast tools to connect to the enterprise server.

  1. Does Recast enterprise run queries/commands/scripts as the SCCM console user?

  2. Are the queries/commands/scripts run from the local machine with the console or from the recast server or from the SCCM site server the console is connected to?

  3. If you configure service account proxies how does recast decide which proxy to use? How does it choose whether to run the command as the service account or as the current user?

  4. For Wake on LAN where are the magic packets being sent from (local machine, site server or recast server)?


In a default installation, the enterprise actions will run as the SCCM console user. The actions will run from the local machine with the console installed in 4.0 by default. If you configure a service account proxy, you can configure which proxy is selected based on a couple of options:

  1. AD domain the target device or user is in
  2. AD group the target device or user is in
  3. AD OU the target device or user is in
  4. ConfigMgr device / user collection membership of the target device or user
  5. Which actions a particular proxy is allowed to run

These options are stored in routes, which you can view on the Routes tab of Recast Management Server. Routes are evaluated from top to bottom in order - the first route that matches a target device or user is selected. The User Proxy route determines if the Right Click Tools are selected to run the action. This route does not currently support scopes, so I typically recommend putting this route at the bottom of the list and any service account proxy routes above it.

Wake on LAN packets are being sent according to the routes. If you wanted Wake on LAN packets to be sent from your Recast Management Server, you could perform the following steps.

  1. Setup a new role that has only the Wake on LAN action selected.
  2. Install Recast Proxy as a service account and approve the proxy
  3. Create a new service account proxy route, limiting the role to the Wake on LAN role you created in step 1, and give it the All scope. This is a special scope that matches any target devices or users.
  4. Move the service account proxy route above the user proxy route and click Save.

Hope that helps,