Recast Licence Required at each login?

Whenever I launch ConfigMgr for the day and use the latest RCT Community, I’m prompted to login to obtain a licence.
I have done both ways (logging on on that prompt and even downloading the file) but after every login, I need to do it again, which is a bit frustrating Im sure you can imaging haha!

Is this the way it is intended on the latest RCT? I have tried to find the Licence launcher with Task Manager to see if its a “Launch as Administrator” requirement, but Ive not been able to find it.

You should only get the prompt once. Make sure you are on the latest version 4.6.2103.5701. If you are, delete the old license files here c:\ProgramData\Recast Software\Licenses and download a new community license.

Sorry for the delay in replying! Got a new device and was setting it all up!

I have deleted that file and re-downloaded the community licence from and it still wont work.

Weirdly, today when I tried to sign in to get the licence instead of the offline route I get:
“Error: BadRequest User must be valid and assigned to an organization”, where that did work before and of course its the same account details I use to download the offline licence file!

Im currently on the very latest version - 4.7.2106