Recast Management Server across multiple domains


I have been using Recast Tools for years as a stand alone solution until I discovered that my employer pays for the Management server suite.

I am having issues with the setup as we have 3 domains and 3 SCCM instances (one on each domain, was setup like that before I arrived)

I do not understand how to setup everything so it works across our domains. We have trusts built in place between our forests. I setup the management server on our newest domain. I thought all I had to do was to install the proxy on every SCCM Server, install the certificate from the management server and run the tools as usual with my creds. But it never works. All my choices are greyed out.

Since it did not work, I setup a service account with admin rights on every domain. Even then I have issues. I get messages about routes not found.

I guess my question would be : Could this work across our 3 domains or is this better used on only one ?

Thank you.

Hello Sara,

Are the 3 SCCM instances totally separate for each domain, where they only have devices from that domain in it? If that is the case, you will need a Recast Management Server (RMS) for each domain. If you have an SCCM instance with devices from all the domains you can use one RMS but you will need to create routes for each domain with a proxy associated with each. Here is some documentation that might help: Configuring actions to run as a Service Account with Recast Proxy. As an Enterprise customer, you can also submit a ticket here Support - Recast Software and schedule a meeting to help you get everything setup.



Thank you for your answer ! This is the exact information I needed. Each SCCM pools devices from it’s own domain.