Recast Management Server install

I know the choice is mine as far as whether to install on my SCCM server, or on its own server, but I’d love to hear real-world experiences, and recommendations on which path is better.

I’m also preparing to upgrade the OS on my SCCM server, so should I go ahead and install RMS, or wait until after the OS upgrade is done?

Hey @HeatonJL ,

Hope all is well! Installing on your SCCM server or on a standalone server are both totally fine. Installing standalone would give you the benefit of not having to share hardware resources with your SCCM server. If you install on your SCCM server, we recommend adding an additional 4 CPU cores and 8GB memory to the server for RMS.

You can install RMS before or after the OS upgrade. The OS upgrade should have no impact on RMS functionality.