ReCast Management Server installation issue - Incomplete Documentation

The installation documents are a bit shallow and I’m stuck on a new installation of ReCast Management Server + Proxy.
After the Screen “Domain Configuration” the installation does not start as promised in the doc, but I get a “Configuration Manager Configuration” screen where my SMS Provider, site code , etc is filled out but i get a “Access denied” on the Test ConfigMgr Connection
So I’m stuck.

What are the necessary rights to have this installation finally going further ?

Hi Mre!

Hope all is well. Would you be able to provide a link to the document that you’re referring to as well as a screenshot of the “Configuration Manager Configuration” screen with the “Access Denied” error showing by chance?



Hi, i had the same issue with the installation of RMS in our new environment and i’ve fixed it in the following way:
->check that the used Recast Proxy service account has the proper permissions inside SCCM-/MECM-Management Console under Administration ->Security ->Administrative Users
->check also inside the SCCM-/MECM-Database server the permissions for it (smsdbrole_AITool)

After that the Test was successfully and the installation was finished!

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