Recast RCT 3.0 customized silent installation

Is there a way to install Recast RCT 3.0 Free silently and disable “Automatically Check For Updates” and set “Interactive Command Prompt Local Path” ?

This was possible in 2.4 by using a msi-property called “AUTOUPDATE” and modifying RCT-Options.ini.

There isn’t currently a way to do this with the newest free version. We can look into adding it back in the next version. You may be able to work around it by configuring the tools the way you’d like and copying the %appdata%\recastrct\managementdb.sqlite file to each user profile that will be using the tools on deployment, but it’s untested.

Thanks, I will give that a try. It would be great if the old options(properties etc…) where added in later versions :slight_smile: