Recast RCT 4.2 - Remote Software Center (Updates) hangs during update


i have a issue if selecting a group of machines (or a single collection with 50-200 machines) and select “Install Missing Software Updates” the green progress bar starts, stocks after for a few secs, and then continue to move forever and ever. Never shows up any results. This happen not for “Applications” on the same collection - works fine. Just Software updates does not.

If i select just 1-2 machines only I will get the list of software updates (if any).

Is there a timeout issue or what else could it be? Max threads?
Latest RCT installed (last week)
SCCM version: 2013 / console: 5.2103.1059.1800

many thanks


Btw; best SCCM tool ever!

Can you reproduce that issue and then send the Right Click Tool logs to

Here is some information regarding collecting logs. How to collect Logs