Recast RCT Latest (3.1.6689 free) TOTALLY Unusable

Congrats on turning a very useful piece of software promoting your company into a waste of time and resources forcing customers back to using alternatives…

The latest version is full of bugs and should never have been released:

  1. The console now takes on average 5 minutes to open.
  2. When attempting to open a task sequence, the console locks up and needs to be force closed - I have been for lunch and this still does not come back to life.

Please release the old versions so we have some temporary functionality???

Hi MikhailCompo,

Sorry to hear you’re having some issues, let me see if I can help.
From what you’ve described, you might need some antivirus exclusions. Would you mind adding a process exclusion for these two?

  • C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Configuration Manager\AdminConsole\bin\Microsoft.ConfigurationManagement.exe

  • C:\Program Files (x86)\Now Micro\Recast RCT\Right Click Tools Desktop.exe

Of course, if that doesn’t help, please let us know (civility goes a long way :slight_smile:), we’re always happy to help troubleshoot, and aggressively seek out issues/release bugfixes. We’re very motivated to get you the best possible tools at every release, and while things are unlikely to go perfectly all the time, we’re dedicated to helping when things do go wrong too (even for the free tools).



Feel free to shoot me an email directly too:

Thanks Christian, and you are absolutely right I should be more level headed and not assume this is malicious purely to wind me up!!

I think I have resolved the issue after doijg the following:

Install, reboot, uninstall, reboot, delete theprog files folder, reinstalling.
Then going into the options for RCT (easiest way for benefit of others is to click the colection and choose Add Devices option) and in the options I have disabled:

  • Auto check for updates
  • Show license expiration prompt
    _ Collect analytics data_*

The latter I think is the most likely cause i think?

The console now loads normally and I can edit task sequences once more.

Glad to hear the tools are working better for you. Do you know if there were leftover dll files when you deleted the folder from Program Files? It’s possible the old version failed to cleanup after itself on uninstall and left an incompatible dll in the folder when the new one was installed causing the tool to fail to initialize correctly.

All three of those settings are performed on a background thread, so the performance hit by enabling it should be minimal. We try to be pretty sensitive to launch times so anything that isn’t necessary for tool launch is pushed onto a background thread. If you turn those back on, do you still see launch time issues? I would consider that a bug that I’d like to get fixed in the next version.


For info, this is the only version of RCT that has ever existed on this machine, thats for certain.

I’m on my second day of a new role on a new machine and the guys here have never heard of or used Now Micro/Recast RCT - hence my frustration at this tool causing an issue rather than being of benefit.

As for the start up performance hit - the difference was so significant that the tool would never have been used by anyone here without resolving it - Irrespective of the fact we were unable to edit any task sequences!

The only other point to consider is that I am using Win 10 and I’m logged in as a user without admin rights, but I have another account with admin rights and i installed RCT using the latter, as well as the SCCM Console always being run using the latter account.

I am happy to try help resolve the issue, what do you need me to do?

i will try re-enabling each of the features in isolation and report results.


We are also having performance issues, see the post here Missing AdminUI.UIResources.resources.dll :frowning: