Recast User Agent CMD window showing to users ever 3 minutes

Getting lots of complaints from users where a cmd window is popping up (briefly) every 5 minutes or so and it’s really starting to annoy some folks.

It looks like it’s the Recast User Agent Scheduled Task is causing this. I have been unable to find a switch within the application that will run it as hidden or anything that can be set within the .config file (Recast.Agent.User.exe.config or Recast.Agent.User.xml). Is there a -hidden switch that is available for this or another method to stop this??

We’re running Agent version 5.1.2306.203 on Windows 10 22H2

Hi there,

Hope all is well! When you have a second, can you upgrade your Recast Management Server and deployed agents to 5.2.2307.1103 from and let us know if the behavior resolves?



Can you please also send over your most recent RecastAgent log files located in ProgramData\Recast Software\Logs from one of the devices to

I was also seeing this issue prior to upgrading to the latest version. The upgrade corrected the issue for me.