Remote Software Center - Applications Node not Loading

When attempting to view the published applications to a device using RSC, the display will never populate. The progress bar will continually flash across the screen but nothing ever shows. If I switch to the logged in user, it will show applications deployed to our user collections.

What I’ve discovered is if RCT is the first routing item on the Recast server, this issue is present. If I move the service account to the top, RSC works correctly. I cannot leave the SA as the primary route as it will bypass the native SCCM permissions as the SA has admin rights in SCCM and on our workstations.

I should note that the Applications node seems to be the only thing affected. Everything else seems to be working correctly.

Hs anyone else encountered this issue?

Hi Bet,

You could create a role specifically for Remote Software Center with the following permissions:

| Administration | GetAllSettings |

| ConfigMgrClient | DeployedApplications |
| ConfigMgrClient | GetConfigurationBaselines |
| ConfigMgrClient | GetDeployedPrograms |
| ConfigMgrClient | GetDeployedTaskSequences |
| ConfigMgrClient | InstallApplication |
| ConfigMgrClient | InstallApplicationOrProgram |
| ConfigMgrClient | InstallProgram |
| ConfigMgrClient | InstallSoftwareUpdates |
| ConfigMgrClient | InstallSoftwareUpdatesByID |
| ConfigMgrClient | InstallUserApplication |
| ConfigMgrClient | MissingSoftwareUpdates |
| ConfigMgrClient | PackageInformation |
| ConfigMgrClient | TaskSequenceInformation |
| ConfigMgrClient | UninstallApplication|

| InstalledSoftware| ListSoftware |
| InstalledSoftware | UninstallSoftware |

| Network | PingComputer |

| WMI | InvokeMethod |
| WMI | ReadOnly |

After the role is created, you can create a route to leverage the proxy that is limited only to the permissions defined within the RSC role.


The final step would be to make sure that it is listed above your Right Click Tools route.


Please let me know if this is a potential solution for you. We’re also happy to triage this with you in a support session if you’d like.