Remote Software Center not showing applications, just packages

Hello all,

We have just started using RCT Enterprise Standalone, v5.1.2306.203 and noticed that when using the Remote Software Center, none of deployed applications show, just packages.

To make things more interesting, this behaviour has been observed on most of our assets; there are single cases where the applications do show up, we just can’t zero in on what the difference between them is.

Has anybody seen this behaviour?


Hi Bart,
Seeing similar behavior in our environment. Interested in seeing what kind of replies and/or solutions you receive here.

Hi Matt,
We started wondering if it’s only a Recast Server feature maybe, but then we have a few machines where the feature does seem to work.
We’ve opened a ticket with Recast.

Hi there Bart,

I hope all is well. When you have a moment can I have you upgrade to the latest version of RCT and let me know if issues persist?