Remote Software Center

I am having an issue with the Remote Software Center. Apps are deployed to the computer but they never show up in the Remote Software Center. They are listed on the client computer.

How can I get them to show up so I can deploy them via RCT?

Which version of Right Click Tools are you currently using? Version 4.1.1912 uncovered a bug in the ConfigMgr client that caused applications to not populate correctly in Remote Software Center. This issue has been fixed in Right Click Tools version 4.1.2001.

Also, you mentioned that the apps are deployed to the computers, but I am going to put this here for others that might see it. Currently (even with the newest version) the Remote Software Center can only show applications that are deployed to devices but can’t see ones that are deployed to users. Showing applications that are deployed to users in Remote Software Center is planned for a future version of Right Click Tools, but we don’t have an ETA at this time.