Rename a computer?

Any plans to be able to rename a computer from RCT? The newest version appears to have a build option but I’m not sure how to create a script that renames a computer. Also not sure if that’s there as part of the 30 day trial.

Hi Maca,

That’s a great idea for a new tool that I will add to our feature request list. In the meantime, there is a PowerShell cmdlet called Rename-Computer which may be of some use to you. You can use that in conjunction the Interactive PowerShell Prompt or with RCT Builder/Runner to use it. If you type “help Rename-Computer -Online” into your PowerShell console window, it should open a browser and navigate to the Microsoft Docs article explaining the syntax of the Rename-Computer cmdlet.


Mark Godfrey
Recast Engineer

I cant find anywhere how to insert that rename-computer in Builder.
How to pass computername to powershell.
There is no possibility to import some example, because available ones are to old to import.

$old = read-host -prompt ‘Existing computername’ (but here could be value from right click computer.
$newname = read-host -prompt ‘Enter new name’
rename-computer -computername Valerijs-Si-nb -NewName $newname -restart -DomainCredential domain\username (and how to use username which uses SCCM console)