Requiring Local Admin on Remotely Managed Manchines


I understand that when you run RCT against a remote machine, you need to be a local admin/part of the Administrators group on that remote PC.

I realize some tasks require local admin (like C$ for example), but if all I need to do is run Configuration Manager client Action items like “Machine Policy Retrieval & Evaluation Cycle” (which do not require admin), why would I still get access denied when running these actions against a collection?

Is there a specific process or file on the remote PC that needs those elevated/administrative rights to run?

Unfortunately to run any action against a device using the community version of RCT, you will need local admin access. However, the Enterprise edition offers other ways to elevate rights. You can either use the Recast Proxy which uses a service account with local admin access or installing the Recast Agent on devices.