Result of redistributing content: Error: Type Mismatch - Client 4.2.2

Like the title says: Result of redistributing content: Error: Type Mismatch, I get this any time I try to redistribute content via “content Status” tool.!

Thanks for reporting the issue. I was able to reproduce it internally and will post here when we have an update.


Thanks for the support Chrism

I believe this is fixed in 4.2.2003.4501. If you’re using Recast Proxy, you’ll need to update that to the newest version as well.

It looks like the message works now. But its not redistributing the content. It does nothing.

Do you see anything in the distmgr.log on your site server when running the action? Our action kicks off the task and returns immediately, but the distmgr.log may take a little time to update. In my testing, it took around 30 seconds before the distmgr.log showed anything for the package ID I selected. Note that the action we start doesn’t actually increment the source version, it will do the normal content validation and may not result in the package being redistributed if ConfigMgr determines they match.