Right Click Tool options for Ipads/Iphones - Show Collections

Currently there is the ability to right click on a workstation and using client tools, select show collections. When right clicking an ipad or other mobile device there are no right click tool options available. I would like the ability to Show Collections for my ipads and iphones displayed in the SCCM console similar to workstations if possible. The process of showing collections is not a current built in feature of the SCCM console.

What version of Recast are you using? I don’t have any phones or iPads in the console, but I don’t see anything obvious in the code that would prevent the show collections tool from working on those devices.

The latest version was just downloaded and installed. There is no RST option when right clicking on these devices in the console. Thanks.

Where in the console are you right clicking? Could you upload a screenshot?

Screenshots below, thanks.



Thanks, that helps. Could you try creating a folder named “dbb02e2a-3aa6-4e27-82e9-840924d73527” under “C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Configuration Manager\AdminConsole\XmlStorage\Extensions\Actions” and copy the “_Recast Enterprise Device Tools.xml” file from “C:\Program Files (x86)\Now Micro\Recast RCT\Default Menus\Device” into that folder? You should have a file at the path “C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Configuration Manager\AdminConsole\XmlStorage\Extensions\Actions\dbb02e2a-3aa6-4e27-82e9-840924d73527_Recast Enterprise Device Tools.xml” when you’re finished. Once that’s done, restart your ConfigMgr console and see if the actions show up.

The context menu does show up now but none of the options work or pull up any dialogs.

Ok, that means we’ll need a new version in order to fix the issue. Could you start your ConfigMgr console with DebugView by adding the SMS:DebugView command line parameter?

With the console launched with DebugView, could you right click on an iPad and select “Show Object Details”, select the Properties tab then upload screenshots of the console including all of the relevant properties? It should look something like this:

That will help me determine what changes I need to make in order to support this. If you’d prefer, you can also email them to recast@nowmicro.com or send me a message on the forum.


Sorry for the delay, I have emailed screenshots as requested to recast@nowmicro.com, thanks.