Right Click Tools Not working after re-install

None of my right click tools seem to be working, specifically schedule restart/shutdown or restart/shutdown period. I want to get a demo and am looking to purchase but the test isn’t working out well.

Hi Tyler,
What version of Recast are you running? Do the tools give an error message when trying to run the actions?

I just downloaded the latest version I believe 5.0 I don’t get an error the tools seem to run but the expected result doesn’t occur ie shutdown/restart for example. I uninstalled reinstalled already

Also when I try and update the software update status it does not even though I know the machines have been updated and rebooted days ago.

Could you go to Start - Configure Recast RCT and upload a screenshot of your settings? Could you also add a screenshot of the tools when you try to run them against a device?


There is no error when I run the tools it runs as it should however the expected result doesnt occur.

Could you turn off the “Use IP Address Instead of Computer Name” option? That option will use ConfigMgr’s inventory data to try to determine the IP address rather than relying on DNS. The problem is that the ConfigMgr database may be out of date, and you could end up running the action on the wrong device. If you do need to use the IP address from the ConfigMgr database, I would recommend using the" Verify Computer Name in WMI" option. This will check to make sure the IP address you’re hitting matches the name of the device(s) you clicked on in the console. The “Verify Computer Name in WMI” option isn’t needed if you’re not using the “Use IP Address Instead of Computer Name” option.

Note that after changing these settings you may need to run the tools once or twice because they are cached asynchronously when the tool is launched.

I had a very similar issue and my solution was -

  1. Uninstall all RCT installs

  2. Reboot device

  3. Remove the Now Micro directory

  4. Reinstall