Right click tools two domains

Hi there!
Finding the Right Click Tools incredibly useful - so thanks a bunch for still having the community edition.
In our environment we have 2 domains (to the best of my knowledge - there is two way trust between the two domains).

Does Right click tools - work across domains?

If yes - what I am missing in my configuration?
Whenever I try to use the tools to perform e.g. machine policy retrieval - I get access denied.

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I have the same problem, I have 2 domains with trust relationship, from sccm you can configure the user of different domains to be able to deploy software, updates, etc. but from right click I also do not find the way to put which users have access to the computers already which takes the user logged in to the sccm server and I have no possibility of adding another user to access the computers of the other domain.

Is there any way to parameterize or include the right click users who have to have access to the machines?

Hi Vik,

Hope all is well! This feature is not available in the Community Edition but possible with the Enterprise version.




All well here Branden - hope the same goes for you :wink:
Thanks for clearing that up.

Have a good one.


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