Right Click Tools with SCCM 1902 on local machine - SLOW!

It is barely usable - can you help me to speed up my console like it is on server - when right click tools is installed its dog slow. I’ve removed and tested and it’s the tools slowing down the console.

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Hello. Typically when we see console performance issues in conjunction with RCT, it is one of two things. Either A, you could need some AV exclusions, or B, it could be something in your environment not playing well with permissions checks.

We have a blog post about the exclusions issue here: https://blog.recastsoftware.com/2018/10/12/rct-tip-of-the-week-add-av-exclusions-to-avoid-console-slowdowns/

As for the permissions checks . . . you may notice that certain tools are grayed out, whether due to them being part of the Enterprise tools when you are running Community or due to a user not having RCT permissions to them due to RCT role assignments in Enterprise. Either way, it uses in-console permissions checks to determine what to gray out. There is an option during install to skip those checks. This can resolve performance issues some people get related to them. No tools will be grayed out after that, but an Insufficient Permissions error will be throw instead upon trying to run something to which the user does not have access.

Please let me know if this resolves the issue. If not, we’d be happy to look into it further.