Scheduled Restart or Shutdown off by 2 hours

On version 5.2.2307.703, when we schedule a restart, the time is off by 2 hours.
for example, we set a restart at 3:00am. when we check the scheduled task on the endpoint, it’s set for 1:00am.
Please advise.

Hi there,

Was this working as expected for your prior to 5.2.2307.703 by chance? Can you please also confirm what time zone you’re in?



Yes it was. I reverted to version 5.1.2303.1503 to remediate the issue for now.
MECM server is in Central time zone. We pushed to both Pacific and Eastern time zones and both were off.

Thank you for confirming. When you have a second, can you verify if issues persist on the latest release (5.3.2310.304) available at Recast Software?