Scheduled restart / with custom message for user

Hi, I am new here to the forum as well as the RCT tool. I have been testing the tool out and so far I’m really liking it.

I have a question about scheduling a shutdown/restart I can get it to work no problem, but… I would like to make a custom message that pops up on the machine that is being restarted. I don’t see any option to do this here.

I do see this option to give a custom message on the other restart button, I added my personal message and never saw it pop up on the screen that was on the machine being rebooted, it was the default message that appeared.

TIA for your attention and help,


are there any new findings here yet ?

Best regards

We’ve recently released the latest version and we’ve done a bit of work on the shutdown tool so please try the latest version and let me know.