Sheduled shutdown - where is config stored?

I can set scheduled shutdown, but how do I change it?

Where is the config stored?


NOBODY knows? Surely that is not a secret!?

It’s stored in task scheduler on the remote machine. If you rerun the schedule shutdown tool and give it the same scheduled task name, it will overwrite the old one.

No idea what the “remote machine” would mean here.

It is run on a management client from SCCM Console

Such task does NOT exist on either that client OR SCCM server itseof


Remote machine means the device that you tried to schedule the shutdown against. When you run the schedule shutdown tool, it reaches out to the device you’re trying to schedule for shutdown and creates a scheduled task in the Windows task scheduler. Nothing is stored on the SCCM server or in the Recast tools.

That is an awful implementation!

I did use it to create shutdown task on some machines (do not remember exactly which ones and what time)

Now I have to hunt possible machines to revert it.

Why the sgutdown would not be implemented as central command executed (also from TS) from ie SCCM server?