Silent Install Switches for MSI File

Do you have list of install parameters for the msi file version 5.1.2304.1407?
I need the one for psexec local path an wol settings.
The old switches PSEXECLOC, PACKETSTOSEND, … etc. are not working.
Thanks for your help!

Hi there,

The WOL settings for RCT standalone are now stored in the settings table of the ConsoleExtension.sqlite that’s generated in \AppData\Roaming\Recast Software\Console Extension. You can use to access the sqlite db and its tables. You can update the values for each WOL related row. Once updated, you can copy the ConsoleExtension.sqlite over to the same location on other devices with Right Click Tools installed to update the configuration for WOL.

You can update the appsettings.json that’s also in \AppData\Roaming\Recast Software\Console Extension with the following entries, replacing “Your psexec path” for the key “PsExecPath” with your psexec location.

You can also copy this file over to the same location on devices where you want to update the psexec path being used.



thanks Branden, that worked :+1: :+1:

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