Software Inventory Cyle

I choose a collection to start a software inventory cyle.
The prompt comes up and i click on “NO” (perhaps it was a mistake) but the trigger starts anyway!

Sorry i forgot the version: 3.2.7026.33608

If it’s not clear, this seems to be a bug. When i click no the software cyle should not start! Will there be a newer version to fix this?

The prompt is asking if you want to run a full software inventory cycle. If you choose no, it will run a delta inventory cycle instead. We can look into adding a cancel button to this prompt as well to let you back out of the action.


OK i understand. :open_mouth:
Maybe there could be a info in the box, like “if you click NO a delta software inventory cyle will be run”?
Or change the messagebox completely and the buttons are full and delta?