Software Updates Deployment Status - Unknown

Since we installed RCT Enterprise, all reporting from the Recast Software Update Deployment Status is coming back as unknown. The tool reads all our Collections and Software Update Groups and when we start the report it comes back with all of our machines. The issues is the “State” stays as “Unknown” for all machines.

The Software Update Deployment Status reads its information from the ConfigMgr Database. You need to ensure that the account you are logged into the ConfigMgr console or the Service Account you used for the Recast Proxy if you are using that with Recast Management Server has permission to read from the database directly.

We have some documentation about this issue located here: Configuring Permissions for the ConfigMgr SQL Database

Thanks for the response Marty.

I’ve just fixed the issue - updating in case anybody stumbles upon this.

In Configure Recast RCT the address I put in under RCT Enterprise Server was FQDN. I changed to the shortname and this has now resolved the issue. I now have full SUDS reports.