Some RCT Console Tools unavailable after update to 5.0

After updating our Recast environment from 4.9 to 5.0 some of the end users aren’t able to run previously available functions. In the Console Tools, Connect to C$, Interactive Command Prompt, Interactive PowerShell Prompt, Manage Computer and Open Regedit are greyed out.
In permissions under our enterprise server admin console, I’m not seeing any obvious changes to the administration roles.
What am I missing?

Hello there Troy,

I hope all is well. Are you currently utilizing the Recast Management server(RMS)? If so, are the users having issues added in the permissions section of RMS by group or individually?

Thank you. Hope you’re doing well as well.
We’re using RMS. I use AD groups for both the RMS roles as well as the MECM roles. Previous to the update to 5.0 these tools were functional. I have verified that the Recast Console Extensions have been installed for the users having issues. I certainly seems like it’s a permissions issue as my account isn’t experiencing this.

Hi there Troy,

I have attached a SQL query to the bottom of this message, when you have a moment can I have you run that query where the RMS database is located? This will create a role called ReadyOnlyAccess. Can I have you assign that new ReadOnlyAccess role along with the roles the group already has? Let me know if the issues persist.

Here is a guide Read Only Access | Recast Docs that includes every step needed to get ReadOnlyAccess as a role.

Sorry for the delay, Destiny. I’ve been out sick. Creating the role didn’t affect the issue we’re seeing. I did have some temporary luck having one of my end users install the new RCT installation that came out yesterday. But, while the actions were no longer greyed out and were accessible for about a half hour, after that time they came back as grey again and inaccessible. The installed version on that device didn’t change so I can’t account for what happened there. I do have a support call scheduled with one of you on Wednesday, so hopefully I can get that worked out.