Some tools not working when running SCCM 2012 as Another user

In our Organisation we have an admin account to perform our Admin functions. We would login as our non-admin account to access email and use the’ run as a different user’ option to start admin programs. We do this for the SCCM 2012 console and this is causing problems with certain tools in Right Click Tools. Connect to C$, Open client log files etc. do not work. I have tried logging into my computer as my admin account and can confirm that those tools that use explorer do work fine as I am not then running the SCCM Console as another user. It seems to be an issue with the passing of credentials through Windows Explorer as the other tools work fine.

This is a limitation with Windows Explorer - it does not support running as a different user. If you launch explorer.exe from a process that’s running as a different user, the resulting explorer.exe process will be launched as the logged in user. We’ve started working on a workaround for the next release, described here: Request for Credential Feature