Specify limiting collection to any computer search

Hello. I have never before paid too much attention to this software even though I use it for several years. If I run any action on any individual computer, it works. However, I need to run the same actions/gpupdates on computer collection and I cannot. It says Success but doesnt actually run, says 0 complete.

I assume it is because my adm account doesnt have full rights to the site namespace and I cant run many WQL requests that use the whole site. I have to bypass for example using get-cmdevice with specific collection, because I do not have access to the All system collection.

a) can I bypass this with the enterprise version somehow?
b) can I change the script or basic function for get computer from get-wmiobject to get-cmdevice without breaking the tool completely?

I do have access to the workstations, bot not the whole WMI or not whole SCCM. Is there any way to adjust the script? Thank you

Sorry, we’re probably too late to the game here but I’ll try none the less.

That’s weird. I’m assuming you are able to open the collection and see the resources in it? I wonder if the call we’re using to enumerate the devices/users in the collection is failing because of your RBA configuration.

If you open the collection, select all the devices (Ctrl+A) and run the tool … what happens?