Trigger "Hardware Inventory Cylce" shows success

I used the RCT do trigger a (Full) Hardware Cycle on a device.

When i checked the log file (InventoryAgent.log) there weren’t new entries.
I tried again with the tool “Client Center for Configuration Mangager” to trigger a Full HW Inv.
There i got back an error:

Seems like the SCCM agent corrupt?
My question is, why says the RCT “Successfull” and not “Error”?
Is there a log file to check the trigger?

In our case ‘success’ really just means that we ran the command to trigger HINV. We aren’t checking that the client actually kicks it off. It’s on our backlog to try and validate these kinds of things but it’s not always trivial and it’ll certainly be some kind of performance hit.

And yes, if that InventoryActionID doesn’t exist then something appears to have gone poorly on that client.

I understand, thanks for the reply!

I’d like to clarify part of Bryan’s statement. Success means that the wmi method to kick off the action sent back a return code of 0 indicating that the client successfully started the action. While we don’t wait for completion, we do use the return code to indicate success/failure starting it which is a bit beyond just having our code successfully run. If the wmi method returns anything other than 0, an error message is returned including the return code.

Thanks for your explanation! In my example it’s strange because in the inventory logfile nothing happens. I will proof this next time on another device!