Two installed RCT

I have installed “Recast RCT-3.2.6962.38904” over “Recast RCT-3.2.6962.38449”.
After this, there are two installed RCT versions in Programs and Features.
The extension is gone in the console, until i uninstall the previous version.

This can happen when two releases have the same build number (6292). We generally won’t make two versions with the same build number public because of this issue, but sometimes when we’re working on a bugfix we generate multiple MSIs in the same day, and we’ll end up sending a version with the same build number to a customer to test that their issue was fixed. As you’ve found, the solution to this is to either uninstall the older version or uninstall both versions and reinstall the newer.

First the uninstall of the old version after installing the new version does not work at all.
I had to reinstall the newer version.
Maybe it’s possible to comment this in the download portal near the version?