Unable to remove device from collection

I use the feature “Show Collection - Advanced”.
Click on collection name --> remove from collection:


RCT version 4.1.2002.2701

Version 4.1.2001.3101 --> works
Upgraded to 4.1.2002.2701 --> not works
Uninstall 4.1.2001.3101 and install 4.1.2002.2701 --> not works
Uninstall and remove all folders from programfiles, programdata and user profile.
Install 4.1.2002.2701 --> not works

Thanks for reporting this. We noticed similar problems on Friday and pulled the 2002 update while we work out the issues. I’ll post here when we’ve uploaded the MSI again.

There should be a fix for this live on the site (4.1.2002.3003).

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Works again, thank you!