Using System Information to clean up deleted AD accounts

I was hoping to clean up some local group members on our endpoints that have left over the years using the Local Group Members view in RCT’s System Information console. However, it looks like the Remove action fails because the accounts don’t exist. Has anyone gotten this to work, or is this expected results?

The error message reads: A member could not be added to or removed from the local group because the member does not exist.


I tested this today and it works as expect.

Are you using community or enterprise edition? Are their any special characters in the user name? Do the logs give any more details? Are you using RMS?

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Thank you for testing, Garth.
We’re using Enterprise Edition with server.
I don’t see anything in either the MECM console log file or the Recast console extensions log file. I suspect that this is because I’m attempting to delete local group members that no longer exist in AD which is a shame as that would be handy housekeeping task for this particular tool.

So to be clear, that tool deleted an user or sec group from a local computer. So are you saying that the account existing within AD. Then was added to a local computer. Then the accounted was deleted in AD. And now you are trying to remove it from the local computer? e.g. what are the repro steps? I will happily test it within my lab.

Are you stand alone or connected to RMS?

I have a Recast management server and we utilize both the console extension and Endpoint Insights. I do use agents as they’re required for Insights, but I don’t use Proxy as it was a little obnoxious to support.

Domain accounts that have been added to local groups in the past and then deleted from AD leave an object in the group identified by an ID. S-1-etc. That’s what I was attempting to remove. I’ve been able to remove active domain accounts in the past. These orphaned IDs seem to be the problem.

I appreciate you taking the time to try to reproduce this. I did find it odd that neither log file that I would have expected to see an error in posted nothing.

Ok, I can repro this and will file a bug on this. Please contact your CSM so they can keep track of this for you.

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