Wake on Lan subnet issue

I have a problem with WOL
The problem is that the magic packet is being sent to wrong subnet

Right Click tools are sending packet to wrong broadcast address as they see wrong subnets mask.
On the screen it shows 255.255.240. and but real subnet mask is

Where does it take that info from?
In properties of that computer i only see ip subnets, and ip address

When i use any other software or powershell script to wake it does work.
for example when i use powershell script Send-WOL -mac 40:B0:34:F0:16:F8 -ip it works.

IP address of this computer is and subnet mask so its subnet broadcast address should be

What version of Recast are you using? Older versions of Recast only used discovery data to send WOL packets which doesn’t have a subnet mask stored and had to be calculated. Newer versions of Recast will use both discovery data and hardware inventory data to send the WOL packets.

We use 3.2.6887.24316 and its doing the same thing. What version uses it.

All versions try to use discovery data, but the 3.2 versions will also try to use hardware inventory. If it’s only using discovery data, it likely means we couldn’t find any hardware inventory data relevant to WoL.